I am so pleased with the establishment of DPW as a PEPABRI company. I believe this company can be a world class company if paying attention to delivery time, quality and competitive price when serving the clients while also bringing fortune for the welfare of retired armed forces.

General TNI (ret) Try Sutrisno
Vice President 1993 - 1998, Republic of Indonesia

Run by professionals, PT Dharmabakti Purna Wira should become the preferred company by its target market, and as a PEPABRI company, can contribute for the welfare of Indonesian retired armed forces.

General TNI (ret) Agum Gumelar
Former Three Times Minister, Republic of Indonesia

PT Dharmabakti Purna Wira shall become a reputable company when operated with accountability, transparency, and other values in good corporate governance. Congratulation!

Lt. General TNI (ret) Toni Hartono
Former Governor of Military Academy, Republic of Indonesia

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