Governing Board

Honorary Board

General TNI (ret) Try Sutrisno

Born in 1935, Mr. Try Sutrisno was Indonesia's sixth vice president from 1993 to 1998. He became Deputy Army Chief of Staff in 1985, before becoming the Army Chief of Staff himself in 1986. In 1998, he was elected to become the Chairman of the Indonesian Retired Armed Forces Union (Pepabri). He successfully kept Pepabri united as one under his Chairmanship. He completed his term in this position in 2003 and now sit as board of trustee in PEPABRI.

General TNI (ret) Wismoyo Ariesmunandar

Born in 1940, Mr. Wismoyo Ariesmunandar was Indonesia's Army Chief of Staff in 1993 to 1995. Previously, he was also the Strategic Army Unit Chief in 1990 and Commander General of Special Force Unit. After his services in army, he became the Chairman of Indonesian National Sport Committee. Currently, he sit as chairman of PEPABRI board or advisory.

General TNI (ret) Agum Gumelar

Born in 1945, Mr. Agum Gumelar is an Indonesian military, politician and sportsman. He is a former minister having held several positions such as Minister of Transportation, Minister of Defense, and Coordinating Minister of Politics, Social and Security. He is a retired military officer and a former chairman of Indonesian Football Association and National Sports Committee of Indonesia, a former Indonesian Vice President candidate. Currently he is the chairman of PEPABRI's board of executive.

Board of The Company

Lt. General TNI (ret) Toni Hartono

Born in 1939, graduated from military academy in 1961 and retired as a 3 star General from the Army. He is a former Governor of Military Academy, Director General in Defense Ministry and Vice Secretary of State as well as commissioner in Bank Rakyat Indonesia. Currently he is a member of PEPABRI Board of Advisors

Mj. General TNI (ret) Tulus P. Sihombing

Born in 1946 and retired as a 2 star General from Army. He is a former Defense Attaché in Australia, Director of Evaluation, Development and Education at National Security Agency. and Vice Chief of Military Strategic Intelligent Agency (BAIS). His position now is the Chairman of PEPABRI Cooperative (PRIMKOPPABRI)

Mj. General TNI (ret) Sulaiman AB

Born in 1949, a retired 2 star General who is formerly the Chief of Military Police. He was a President Commissioner of Indonesian Ferry Company (ASDP). He currently serves as President Commissioner of National Plantation I company and also as the Chairman of PEPABRI foundation, Yayasan Dharma Wirawan

Com. General Pol (ret) Yun Mulyana

Born in 1947, he was a Vice Chief of Indonesian Police and retired as a 3 star General. He is a former Regional Police Chief for Southeast Sulawesi and West Java Provinces. A former commissioner of Indonesian Ferry Company (ASDP), he currently hold position as Secretary General of PEPABRI

Air Vice Marshall TNI (ret) Hari Dwiyono

Born in 1949, he is a retired 2 star marshal and graduated from Air force Academy in 1971. He is a former Indonesia Air Attaché for France and logistic assistant to the Air Chief Marshall. He is currently the treasurer of PEPABRI and INKOPPABRI Advisory Board's Chairman.

Muhammad Iqbal

He is a sole director in the company’s notary deed. Please see his brief profile in Board of Director section.