Legal Aspect


Deed of Establishment

Number 14, 07 Januari 2014 by Notary : H. Warman, SH

MoLHR Decree

AHU-08499.AH.01.01.Tahun 2014

Latest Notarial Deed

Number 20, 19 Mei 2016 by Notary : H. Warman, SH

Latest MoLHR Decree

AHU-0010148.AH.01.02.Tahun 2016

Business License (SIUP - Large)

273/24.1PB.7/31.71/-1.B24.27/e/2016 (for Big Company)



Tax Registration (SKT)

PEM-00179/WPJ.06/KP/0803/2014 Tanggal 14 Febuari 2014

Company Registration (TDP)

Nomor TDP

Domicile Permit


Business Field (Based on SIUP)

Large trading for machinery equipment and other equipment
Large trading for metal and metal ore
Management consulting activity
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I am so pleased with the establishment of DPW as a PEPABRI company. I believe this company can be a world class company if paying attention to delivery time, quality and competitive price when serving the clients while also bringing fortune for the welfare of retired armed forces.

General TNI (ret) Try Sutrisno
Vice President 1993 - 1998, Republic of Indonesia