Dharmabakti Purna Wira (DPW) Roadmap

~a PEPAPRI (Indonesian Retired Armed Forces Union) company ~

  • Oct 2013


    PEPABRI realizes a need to form a company fully owned by its related institutions to support its social activities

  • Jan 2014

    Company Formation

    Dharmabakti Purna Wira is established & owned by 2 institutions under PEPABRI, its foundation (10%) and cooperative (90%).

  • May 2016


    Focus in mining services, increase capital, additional board & management

  • The Future..

    Going forward…

    Strong board management and experienced partners to become a preferred company in mining services

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I am so pleased with the establishment of DPW as a PEPABRI company. I believe this company can be a world class company if paying attention to delivery time, quality and competitive price when serving the clients while also bringing fortune for the welfare of retired armed forces.

General TNI (ret) Try Sutrisno
Vice President 1993 - 1998, Republic of Indonesia

A Glance About PEPABRI


  • PEPABRI stands for Indonesian Retired Armed Forces Union
  • Consist of High Rank Retired Military Officers from Army, Navy, Air Force and Police


  • Head Office in Jakarta, 31 Provincial Branches (out of 34 Provinces), 329 Regency Branches (out of 500+ Regencies)
  • 350,000+ existing members from the retired armed force.


  • Increase the welfare of the Indonesian Retired Armed Forces in specific, and contribute to Indonesian sovereignty & welfare in general
  • The welfare is delivered through activities deployed by organizations under PEPABRI, such as foundation, cooperation, legal aid, university and business unit

 Jendral TNI (ret) Try Sutrisno

PEPABRI Board of Trustee

PEPABRI Central Board of Advisors

1 Wismoyo Arismunandar Jendral TNI (Ret) Chairman
2 Gatot Suwardi Laksdya TNI (Ret) Vice Chairman
3 Toni Hartono Letjen TNI (Ret) Member
4 Arie Sudewo Letjed TNI (Ret) Member
5 Tarub Letjend TNI (Ret) Member
6 Soegiono, SE Laksdya TNI (Ret) Member
7 Drs. I.G.M. Putera Astaman Irjen Pol (Ret) Member
8 Zainuddin Sikado Marsda TNI (Ret) Member
9 Drs.H.M. Ritonga Irjen Pol (Ret) Member
10 H. Soekarno Mayjen TNI (Ret) Secretary I
11 Drs. Benny Soeparno, MM Marsda TNI (Ret) Member
12 Drs. A. Poerwanto Lenggono Irjen Pol (Ret) Member
13 H. Warsono HP, MA Laksda TNI (Ret) Member
14 Ishak Latuconsina, Msc Laksda TNI (Ret) Secretary II
15 Ibu Edi Sudradjat Warakawuri Member
16 Ibu DR. dr. Inria T. Asikin Natanegara Warakawuri Member
17 Ibu DR. W.M. Ratulangie Sudjoko Warakawuri Member

Central Board of Executives of PEPABRI


Jenderal TNI (Ret) H. Agum Gumelar


Secretary General

Komjen Pol (Ret) Drs. Yun Mulyana


Chief of Organization Dept.

Mayjen TNI (Ret) H.M. Akip Renatin

Chief of Economy Dept.

Mayjen TNI (Ret) S.N. Suwisma

Chief of CommSocPolDef Dept.

Irjen Pol (Ret) Drs. Taufiqurahman Ruki, SH

Chief of Moral & Culture Dev. Dept.

Laksda TNI (Ret) Heru Srijanto

Chief of Women Affairs Dept.

Ny. Sri Retnaningsih Sugeng AS


Marsda TNI (Ret) Hari Dwiyono W, SE